Broad City Babes Will Be On The Cover Of The April Issue Of OUT Magazine

Two episodes into the third season of “Broad City,” we can’t get enough of our favorite lady stoner-savants. And when Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson are not killing it on Comedy Central, they’re busy shutting down ignorant gender questions and generally being awesome in real life.

That’s why it’s great, but not at all surprising that they’re the cover story of the April issue of OUT Magazine, which just launched this week.  The co-stars and creators talk about everything from their friendship to pot-smoking, and knock it out of the park when discussing sexual fluidity.

“It’s a privilege that we get to be this fluid. Also, women’s sexuality, women’s queerdom – is much less threatening to the mainstream than men’s,” Glazer pointed out in the interview.

“I think when people watch it, they’re like, ‘What’s the deal?’ (with the sexual ambiguity) but it shouldn’t be a deal. It’s like why can’t anyone hook up with whoever they want?” Jacobson continued, playing off of Glazer like comedy and insight are interchangeable.

Read the full interview at OUT Magazineideally in the warm embrace of your bestie.

CREDIT: OUT Magazine