38 Percent Of Florida’s Voters Think Ted Cruz Could Be The Zodiac Killer

It looks like the bright spot of the 2016 elections is going to be the über-trolls at Public Policy Polling, who topped last week’s South Carolina poll about banning gays from entering the U.S. with this week’s Florida poll, which includes the question, “Do you think Ted Cruz is the zodiac killer, or not?”


Shockingly, an entire statistically significant 10 percent of the thousand voters they polled said that yes, they absolutely believe that Senator Ted Cruz, who was born in 1970, is in fact the zodiac killer, who started killing people in the late 60s and whose last known communication took place in 1974.

I postulate from this that 8 percent of Floridians have a rich sense of irony, 2 percent of Floridians might be bonkers, and the remaining 28 percent who said they’re not sure either can’t remember what the Zodiac killer is or can’t remember when he was active. Any other bets?

In newsier news, the poll also shows a commanding lead in Florida for both Donald Trump, who’s ahead of Rubio by 20 points, and for Hillary Clinton, who’s ahead of Bernie Sanders by 25 points. Here’s my polling question: What’s crazier, the fact that over a third of Florida voters would seriously mull over the possibility that Ted Cruz is the Zodiac killer, or the fact that Donald Trump might actually wind up being the Republican Party’s candidate for the President of the United States of America?


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