Watch The Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard Sing The Hell Out Of Some Ray Charles At The White House

Last night, President Obama hosted the last of the occasional concert series, In Performance with the Smithsonian, which honored Ray Charles. The whole show is a delight, but nothing is as thrilling as watching the freshly-anointed Grammy winner Brittany Howard, of the Alabama Shakes, singing her heart out in between Yolanda Adams, Andra Day and Demi Lovato, who appears to be coming for Christina Aguilera, so X-Tina, if you’re listening, watch your back, yeah?

The performances start at around 1:27:00 and if you want to fast forward to Brittany and friends singing “Heaven Help Us All,” you can catch that at the 2:16:30 mark. Otherwise, let it play from the start and watch Usher, Jussie Smollett, Leon Bridges and more do their thing while President Obama danced.

Look how happy that man is. Look how he’s lost all the fucks he had to give. Given the state of the current political landscape, it’s safe to say that a moment like this won’t happen again for a long time.

[h/t Pitchfork]