Prince Is Blessing Us All With A Surprise Tour Of North America

Prince has just blessed us by announcing that his Oakland performance this Sunday will mark the beginning of a solo tour of North America. He’ll be playing surprise shows in various cities, so if you’re lucky, he could be performing near you very soon (and a stork will deliver the funds necessary to attend those shows).

The prices for his Oakland show range from $99 to $275, which is steep but unsurprising given the fact that it’s Prince. In order to prevent scalping all ticket sales for the tour will be exclusively processed online, with no option for printing tickets.

Prince had plans to tour Europe last year, but they were canceled after the Paris attacks. His intention for this tour is to challenge himself, traveling without a band and not having determined set lists. He plans to revisit his hits as well as tracks from his 39th studio album “HITnRUN Phase II.”

Prince said: “I won’t know what songs I’m going to do when I go on stage, I really won’t. I won’t have to, because I won’t have a band. Tempo, keys, all those things can dictate what song I’m going to play next, you know, as opposed to, ‘Oh, I’ve got to do my hit single now, I’ve got to play this album all the way through,’ or whatever. There’s so much material, it’s hard to choose.”

A thousand resounding echoes of “YES” just floated through the ether.