MIA Released A New NFL Diss Track: ‘Boom ADD’

Most of us vaguely recall the 2012 Super Bowl controversy, when the beloved singer MIA flipped the bird during her halftime performance with Madonna. Naturally, this harmless gesture incited serious anger from viewers who prefer to watch their violent sports without the added severity of a middle finger.

The outrage wasn’t limited to viewers as the NFL itself took serious issue with MIA’s “disrespect,” suing the artist for $1.5 million before attempting to raise the number to a whopping $16.6 million. The final amount remains undisclosed and was settled in 2014.

Understandably, after all the legal repercussions from such a harmless action (especially considering the moral hypocrisy of the NFL and their excuse of rampant sexual violence), MIA is still feeling salty, so she channeled these feelings into her latest song Boom ADD.

The track itself starts out with a voice recording from her attorney detailing the fallout of her lawsuit, before launching into an expanded version of the “Boom Skit” from her 2013 album Matangi, which includes pointed disses at the NFL’s feigned precious morality such as:, “Spend time in the Ashram, or drone you, KONY 2012-you, now, scram!”

Listen for yourself and glean some precious gems.