Lands’ End Customers Freak Out Over Gloria Steinem Interview, Need To Get Over Themselves

Lands’ End made the grave mistake of featuring Gloria Steinem in the company’s spring catalogue as part of what was supposed to be a recurring “Legend Series” feature. Or perhaps Steinem made the grave mistake of appearing in a Lands’ End catalogue? Either way, Lands’ End conservative customer base has lost its collective shit over what sounds like a pretty bland interview with the firebrand. (There’s a scan and screenshot of the interview here and here.)

What’s kind of hilarious/sad is that Steinem has been getting it from both sides lately; she recently made Bernie Sanders’s female supporters irate by reprimanding them for not supporting HRC in the upcoming primaries. Steinem said on the Bill Maher show, “When you’re young, you’re thinking: ‘Where are the boys? The boys are with Bernie,'” but later clarified her statement on Facebook.

In any case, Lands’ End caved to customers and yanked the interview, as well as the opportunity to get one of their delightful tote bags monogrammed with the ERA logo. $3 from the purchase of every ERA-embroidered bag would have gone straight to the Fund for Women’s Equality, and who wants that?

No matter what one’s personal feelings are about Steinem, it’s pretty clear that we’ll be taking our flannel nightie business elsewhere, thank you very much. Besides, Steinem seems much more like an Eileen Fisher sort of woman, and that’s the sort of stylish but sensible everyday luxury we can all respect, though not afford.