Lady Gaga Gets Cute With Kesha

Lady Gaga and Kesha got together for some supportive hangz yesterday, in the fallout of Kesha’s failed bid for an injunction that would release her from working with Dr. Luke, the producer who allegedly abused Kesha. Look at these two cuties:



Buzzfeed has pointed out, though, that Gaga is among many artists who haven’t said publicly that they won’t be working with Dr. Luke in the future, even though some of them have been vocal about their support of Kesha (Taylor Swift is also among them). To be fair, the situation is ongoing and these artists don’t always have the ability to make that decision on their own, so asking “Will you work with Dr. Luke?” and wanting an answer on a deadline is a little disingenuous.

Regardless of any future recording plans involving Dr. Luke, Gaga is clear enough on how she feels about Kesha, captioning her tweets, “Free Kesha.”




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