Facebook Employees Are Replacing “Black Lives Matter” Slogans With “All Lives Matter” At Company Headquarters

Facebook employees at the company’s Menlo Park location have, somewhat unsurprisingly given its dismal demographic data, been crossing out “Black Lives Matter” slogans written on the signature and replacing it with “All Lives Matter.” Mark Zuckerberg, who apparently addressed the issue of diversity in the company’s Q&A last Friday, has taken personal umbrage at this behavior. As he explains:


Many of the largest tech companies — certainly Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft — have been struggling for years to hire more diverse employees, with little success in hiring black employees specifically. Although companies like Facebook are trying to reach potential black hires at the college level, this kind of story just goes to show that the problem isn’t just an issue of racial minorities having the right degree or companies having the right outreach programs — it’s also an issue of whether the company culture is welcoming or hostile to a diverse workforce.


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