Worst Spouse Ever Spends Entire $2500 Mortgage Payment On Yeezy Boosts

Gossip has been going lately that Kim Kardashian West is incredibly tired of her husband’s shenanigans, but you know who’s got it even worse? Reddit user wtfshoesmoney, whose husband spent their entire month’s mortgage payment on four pairs of Yeezy Boost 350s.

She explains that her husband was a sneaker collector prior to their marriage, and that he sold some of his “grails” to go toward a down payment on their home. Props for being sensible! Now, they both work in order to afford their $2500-a-month mortgage payment. But this month, she explains, he appears to have lost his damn mind:

“I come home this morning after a graveyard shift to a few shoe boxes scattered around the living room floor. I thought to myself, maybe he’s getting rid of some more pairs and don’t really give it a second thought.

He comes home after his run and before I take a nap he asks what I think about those shoes in the living room. I’m like… uhh I didn’t really bother opening them since I thought you were going to give them away. He gives me a pretty stern look and I knew he wasn’t planning on it. He told me he bought them. I was like isn’t 4 pairs a little too much (assuming they were new sneakers, usually he spends about $100 for a new pair of runners).

Then he dropped the bomb. He said those 4 pairs total cost us $2.5k. I had no idea what to say. I was completely dumbfounded. Who in their right mind spends $2.5k on 4 pairs of sneakers? He said he bought those 2 pairs off of a guy in a local sneaker group that he met up this morning. Each pair was $1k… I asked him wtf. He said he wanted a pair of the Yeezy’s. But he had to buy 2 since he wanted ‘one to stock and one to rock’.”


Unfortunately, now, this couple has straight up lost $2,000 to “a guy” who we can assume does not take returns, meaning that they can recoup all of $500 from the mall purchases.

This is worse than the guy who deep-fried his Boosts, because I assume he isn’t joined in holy matrimony with another person who depends on his sense of responsibility to get by in this crazy world. She closes her post by saying, “I have no idea wtf to do with $2k of our money locked up in shoes.” Maybe suggest that he either get an eBay account or a lawyer?



[h/t GQ]
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