Studies Show That Modern Dating Hard, Water Is Wet

The only thing easy about living in the 1800s was not having to swipe right to find love.

When sociology professor Eric Klinenberg co-wrote the book Modern Love with Aziz Ansari, he also unearthed some real truths about how hard it is to find love and then put them in these handy charts. Having a visual really warms the cockles when you feel like your love life is the only one nosediving into the abyss—we’re ALL plummeting over that cliff!

His research primarily shows that finding a partner used to be easier because you likely lived 10 feet away from the person you loved. Now that we don’t need to marry for independence from our parents, it’s taking people longer to find love.

The average marrying age in the UK has risen from the mid-20s to mid-30s over the past 35 years, and most people are finding love online.


This is only bad news for those of us who depend on introductions through friends to keep the psychopaths at bay.

Klinenberg and Ansari also say we’re spending too much time flirting and not enough time face-to-face these days, and passionate love turns to companionship at around the 6-month mark. What is even the point anymore? I can’t wait until this line levels out and “gave up love for Netflix” becomes the norm.