Kylie Jenner Contours Her Ears, But It’s Not As Crazy As You’d Think

Kylie Jenner unintentionally (or intentionally? Who knows) revealed in a video on her app that she contours her ears.

I know, I know, it sounds absolutely crazy — like maybe all of our bronzer has sunk into our brains and taken over our better judgment. But! Her makeup artist makes a good point:

It’s a really good tip that a lot of people don’t do because it’s really not cute when you’re on the red carpet, or you get snapped and then your face is one color, and the ears are different. It shows the tone is not really your skin tone and you have on a lot of foundation. Just like your neck, your ears are a part of your face.”

So, basically, ear contouring is a thing for famous people who get photographed from all angles and then have those photographs dissected by the media. Personally, I always at least apply foundation on my ears if I’m going to wear foundation at all, although part of the reason I do that is that I use Cover FX with my moisturizer, so it goes wherever I would normally moisturize, including my ears, sternum, and the back of my neck. (Pro tip: Cover FX is great.)

The point is that you, readers, probably don’t have to worry about ear contouring, unless you really want to. Contouring already takes way too long and unless you have ear fetishists for friends, who’s going to notice?


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