Kanye West To White Music Critic: “You Are Everything That’s Wrong With The Old Guard”

You would think that by now older, white, self-proclaimed “gatekeepers” of music would stop questioning Kanye’s relevance, given his hugely successful musical output and position as cultural icon. Unfortunately, the chorus of older white people yelling “WHO IS THIS KANYE MAN AND WHY” is still growing strong. This much was made clear by Bob Ezrin, a 66-year-old music producer and critic who published this essay, decrying Kanye’s relevance and claiming his songwriting was sophomoric and his creativity doesn’t even begin to approach Jay Z, Tupac, or Biggie.

Naturally, Kanye had some words in response.

Welp, there it is. Kanye got straight to the burning question of, “why are you coming for me?” Despite the obvious shade thrown between the two men, West managed to keep it playful and light. After all, he’s got bigger fish to fry, like his new song “Closest Thing to Einstein,”  which manages to address his debt AND twitter beef.