Hell Is This Canadian ‘Vlogger’ Deep-Frying His Yeezy Boosts

Hell is a fiery pit our bodies are sent to after we’ve died, plunging us into eternal pain for our sins. Hell is other people. Hell is for heroes. And now, in the technological terror of 2016 and the increasing amount of internet celebrities, hell is this video of the Canadian vlogger @NameBranClothing deep-frying his Yeezy Boosts.

My ears are still bleeding from his unnecessary yelling, the rapid whisking of the eggs in preparation to ruin expensive shoes, and his admittance that this is his first time deep-frying anything. How rich and bored do you have to be to do this? Is he attempting a call-back to Werner Herzog eats his shoe? WHY DOES HIS JOY UPSET ME SO MUCH?! Is he emotionally doing okay?! What is happening?