Greatest Living Artist Makes Break-Up Fantasy Dioramas and Wins My Heart Forever

She may not have known it when she started making them, but artist Laura Stokes has tapped into an endless and necessary market with her Revenge Dioramas.

Stokes and collaborator Nicole Cordin talked to Mashable about how they use toddler toys and figurines to whip up brutally delightful scenes of post-break up mayhem, and it all started with an email from a friend, complaining about a recent split.

“In a fit of either inspiration or rage (probably both), I just grabbed my son’s toys and started storyboarding his emails,” Stokes told Mashable in an email. “When you paired his bragging with ridiculous toys acting it out, it really exposed just what an ass he was. That was really where this project started.”

Some of my favorites include this man being burned alive while a bunch of women look on:

CREDIT: Revenge Dioramas

“Tonight We Dine On Fuckboy”

CREDIT: Revenge Dioramas

Maybe your ex just gets burned by a dragon while working in a cubicle:

CREDIT: Revenge Dioramas

And my favorite, woman casually driving away from ex in the middle of a shark attack:

CREDIT: Revenge Dioramas

Maybe the best art really does come from the most emotional places.

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