Burners For Bernie Wants You To Smoke Sanders Into The Office

If you’re interested in burning for Bernie on a more literal level, Portland artist and pipe maker Ariel Zimman has something for you to pack. The 29-year-old Sanders supporter is selling $60 bowls and $30 chillums (baby bowls) made of porcelain with the Bernie logo on them. Pot and I guess some tobacco smokers are now ready to FEEL THAT — wait, what were we talking about?

Stoner stereotypes aside, Zimman plans to contribute an unspecified amount of each sale to the Sanders campaign, according to her website. In the past she’s told the Center For Public Integrity that she would donate 10 percent of each sale. Having donated $150 to the cause to far, Zimman hopes to send out another $200 in the next month. Though the logo itself is not licensed or authorized, her intentions are seemingly pure.

“It was really just a way to show my support for him as a candidate,” Zimman said. “People love [the pipes], and once they hear they are contributing in some way to the campaign, they are all about that too.”

So get your Bernie bowls and chillums while you can. Still, this small gesture of support should not be confused with voting, which you should probably do no matter how high you get.

[Center For Public Integrity]