Atlas, The Next Generation Robot, Stands Up To Bullying Better Than Most Of Us

If you’ve ever wanted to bully a robot before, boy has Boston Dynamics has got the humanoid for you. In a new video they unveil Atlas, a electrically powered and hydraulically actuated robot with better balancing skills that most machines and sober people.

According to the YouTube description, Atlas is about 5′ 9″, 180 pounds and has sensors in its legs and body for balance, and head to avoid obstacles. Atlas can squat, pick up boxes, walk through rough terrain, and most impressively for robots of it’s kind, get right back up after being knocked down. That’s right, this is basically the Chumbawumba of robots.

So if you happen to run into the newest version of Atlas, go ahead and bring it. This robot will stand up to you, as soon as it’s done dealing with hockey stick guy.