Abortion Access Now At Dangerous Pre-Roe v. Wade Levels

Well, this is infuriating.

According to Bloomberg News, abortion access is vanishing at an insanely accelerated rate, a trend they’re attributing to a push by Republican lawmakers to “legislate the industry out of existence.”

Bloomberg’s reporting shows that the downward trend has accelerated to the fastest annual pace on record since 2011, with 31 having closed or stopped performing the procedure each year on average.

The reason for the uptick in closures? Abortion opponents have radically changed their strategies; instead of clinic blockades, on-site protests, and violence, they’re using legislative action to block abortion access. The Bloomberg report cites Texas as an example of what this legislative action looks like:

Most providers there closed after the state became the largest and most populous in the U.S. to require that they become hospital-like outpatient surgical centers, which can cost millions to buy or build. The state also mandates that doctors have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. The drop-off in access has helped depress the abortion rate in the state by 13 percent, according to a July study, and providers there say full implementation of the law would leave almost a fifth of Texas women 150 miles or more from a facility.

A lot of people can’t afford to take off work and travel 150 miles away at a moment’s notice; as you can probably guess, pregnancy rates have increased in places where Planned Parenthood and abortion access has been defunded.

It feels like I’m typing this from 1967. Did someone forget to turn off the time machine?