Wendy Williams Thinks Kesha Ruling Was Fair And Other Horrible Things

The recent and devastating ruling forcing Kesha into the business equivalent of marrying her rapist, has people up in arms voicing their disagreement with the cruelty of forcing a musician to maintain a contract with an abuser.  Unfortunately, not everyone thinks the Sony ruling was cruel, in the case of Wendy Williams, all is fair and just and well in the case of Kesha and Dr. Luke.

Williams said:

“Unfortunately business is business, and it sounds like it’s fair. If everybody complained because somebody allegedly sexually abused them…contracts would be broken all the time…Kesha’s no spring chicken. I mean she’s like, 30 years old?…So she wasn’t stupid 10 years ago and neither was her mother when the sexual abuse—alleged sexual abuse—started, why weren’t they rolling camera on it?”

Rolling camera on it, really?! The trope of tired victim blaming is enough to make you log off on its own but beyond that, the fact that Williams flippantly references the fact that lots of contracts would be broken if sexual assault and sexual harassment were justly treated is EXACTLY THE POINT. This is rampant, it’s everywhere, which is exactly why it should be reported and no longer tolerated.

As has been made abundantly clear by Steubenville, the Ray Rice situation, and countless other situations, bringing a camera into the situation (as if you can curate abuse like that) won’t change the fact that the system is rigged to value money over people, especially women.