Voila, The Worst Haircut In The World

Don’t be alarmed by the name of this video. You’re not mistaken — this is not, in fact, a “stylish cut.”

The app BarberShapp, which matches customers to hairstylists, posted this video on their Facebook page and it has caused a little bit of an outrage, because why would anyone do this to anyone’s hair?

It’s not clear who actually styled this monstrosity, but BarberShapp wants you to believe that it could be a “new trend in the making.” Is that a joke? Is this whole thing a prank? Do they understand that in order for something to be a trend, many people have to do it? And that most of us really like to look nice? I do not trust this app. #BanBarberShapp.

Perhaps you can envision a circumstance in which this haircut would look good; if so, I tip my hat to your imagination.


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