Tinder Users Swipe Right On Charles Manson And Aileen Wournos

The hardest thing for me about getting into things like Tinder or OKCupid has long been my persistent fear of matching up with a serial killer and then getting horribly murdered in some way. Now, some people have called me “irrational” for thinking this, but a recent “experiment” conducted by actress Natalie Walker proves that it really could happen.

After noticing that old photos of Charles Manson looked eerily similar to the kinds of fellas she’d see out and about at shows, Walker decided to do a little test to see how successful he’d be on Tinder.

Though it took three days, Charlie finally got a match!

And she hung in there for a while–chatting about movie theater snacks and the “imminent race war” before finally blocking him once the chat turned to him being the son of god.

Manson had some success–though I would bet you that Ted Bundy or post-dentures Richard Ramirez would do a lot better.

Next, Walker decided to flip the script and test out how many men might fall for serial killer Aileen Wournos. Wournos’s profile–which included the phrase “I want to kill white men”–was far more popular, and garnered 12 matches in the first eight minutes.


This is likely a case of people somehow not knowing what Charles Manson or Aileen Wournos look like. Which either means they have a vastly unimpressive frame of reference, or they are actual hybristophiliacs who would be into dating a murderer or a psychopath. However, there is a long and storied history of people who actually have fallen in love with serial killers, and even married them while they were behind bars. Heck, just a year and a half ago, a woman named Afton Elaine Burton was about to marry the actual Charles Manson (though it was called off).

I think on some level, all of this should give us all hope in terms of finding love! Which is nice–because hey, if actual psychopaths can get a date, then why not us! But, also, it should give us all a healthy fear of being murdered by a psychopath using online dating to reel us in and make a skin suit out of us. Which I still maintain is a definite thing that could happen.