Rihanna Blessed Us With Two Videos For “Work”

After the most protracted album release of all time, Rihanna dropped ANTI, her latest album, a couple weeks ago. And, to keep us on our toes, she quietly released the video for the lead single, “Work” on a Monday, which feels rude, as this song, video and accompanying milieu compels me to quit my job, find a mesh jersey dress and head to a dark club where I can wine in peace clutching a red cup and leaning against the bar for support if I get tired. I ¬†mean, just look at this thing.

If the first set piece doesn’t interest you, there’s always the second iteration of the video, which is a little more straightforward — Drake, Rihanna, some pink lights, a couch and what I interpret as clear visual evidence of the fact that they should bone, if they heaven’t already. Watch it on repeat, here.

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