John Oliver Is Back And Talking About Our Ridiculous Anti-Abortion Laws

Oh, John Oliver! How we have missed you! The bespectacled dreamboat is back to talk about an issue dear to our hearts–ridiculous laws that do absolutely nothing other than make it more difficult for women to have abortions! Which, ironically enough, kind of makes me want to have 10,000 of his babies.

Oliver breaks down the absurdity of the anti-abortion laws that have lead to the closing of over 70 clinics across the country. Like Texas’s HB2, which require clinics to have 8-feet-wide hallways and “admitting privileges” at a local hospital–neither of which have any effect whatsoever on “women’s health and safety,” as their proponents claim. You know, because a hospital has to take you in regardless of whether or not your abortion doctor has “admitting privileges.

The great thing is how well Oliver articulates all of these arguments, and the unfortunate thing is that it’s fairly likely that the only people who are going to listen are those who already get it. Still, it’s really good to see him again.

[Last Week Tonight]