Hollywood Diversity Study Shows An “Inclusion Crisis” In Film And TV

A study from USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism gave failing grades on measures of diversity for all of the major film studios, and only barely-passing grades on diversity in television to Amazon, Hulu, Disney, and the CW.

The study looked at 11,306 speaking roles in 414 films and television series, and it found that:

  • Only 25.3 percent of speaking characters on film and TV, 28.9 percent of TV writers, 22.6 percent of TV creators, 15.2 percent of TV directors, and an astonishing 3.4 percent of film directors were female
  • Only 28.3 percent of speaking characters, 13 percent of directors, and 9.6 percent of broadcast TV directors were racial minorities, compared to 38 percent of the American population – and there were only two black women directors
  • Only 2 percent of speaking characters were LGBT-identified, and a mere 7 characters were trans, 4 of whom were from the same show

One of the study’s authors, Prof. Stacy L. Smith, noted that “The prequel to OscarsSoWhite is HollywoodSoWhite. We don’t have a diversity problem. We have an inclusion crisis.”

Although the report concludes that by and large, film and TV are a “straight, white, boys’ club,” Smith sees some opportunity for change in television.

“The very companies that are inclusive — Disney, CW, Hulu, Amazon to some degree — those companies, if they’re producing and distributing motion pictures, can do this,” she said. “We now have evidence that they can, and they can thrive.”


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