Dr. Luke Speaks Out: “I Didn’t Rape Kesha.”

On Friday, singer Kesha lost a battle in a Manhattan court where she was suing her producer and collaborator Lukas Gottswald (also known as Dr. Luke) and her label, Sony, in an attempt to get out of her contract, claiming that she had suffered sexual abuse and rape for years. Now, Dr. Luke has spoken out against these allegations on Twitter, like you do these days. Here’s a sample of what he had to say:

Dr. Luke goes on to cite a TMZ article that claims that Kesha’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, falsely claimed that Lady Gaga accused Dr. Luke of rape, which she later denied. He continued to defend himself, tweeting that “It’s sad that she would turn a contract negotiation into something so horrendous and untrue….But I feel confident when this is over the lies will be exposed and the truth will prevail.”

Despite the court’s ruling, Taylor Swift donated $250,000 to Kesha and Jack Antonoff offered to record music with her and leak it to the world, if need be.

Just in case his point wasn’t crystal clear, Dr. Luke ended his rant by tweeting the following:

The rhetoric that Dr. Luke continues to use is the same kind of rhetoric that allows individuals freedom from blaming themselves and shifts the blame solely back to the victims. It’d be nice if for once, we could just accept what a victim says as the truth.