‘Bankrupt’ 50 Cent Goes To Court To Explain Money Shots In Instagram Posts

In what is one of the more hilarious collisions of #Branding and reality, the rapper and mogul 50 Cent has been recently called into court regarding his recent barrage of Instagram posts showing him posing stacks of money into the word “Broke,” storing stacks of money in his fridge, and lounging on his bed with stacks of money while sucking on a lollipop.

Normally this wouldn’t call for court action, but given how these Instagram posts directly contradict 50 Cent’s bankruptcy claims, his team was informed Friday that he’d need to come to court.

His lawyer clarified in documents to the US Bankruptcy Court that the Instagram posts were all meant to upkeep 50 Cent’s public image, and in no way were meant as serious indications of his financial state.

Beyond the absurd but potentially incriminating Instagram posts that feature obvious stacks of money, his Instagram also documents concerts he’s performed (and presumably been paid for) that he neglected to report to the court. If 50 Cent can’t disprove his rich Instagram image, “Mo Money Mo Problems” may become his new anthem.


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Effen Vodka take over tour, Vegas was a lot of fun. #EFFENVODKA #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO

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