This Woman Shamelessly Messaged All Her Old Flames On V-Day

One of the realities of dating in 2016 is we all end up with phone contacts for old flames that we never get around to deleting. Katia, who gave you her number without you even asking in 2014. Emily, who went on one ill-fated date with you to a fancy bar in 2015. Annie, who you nearly hooked up with but then decided not to because of her horrible taste in movies. You remember them, they remember you, and your phones remember each other’s contact info. But nobody bothers texting anyone because… what’s the point?

Well, we’ve found out what happens when you actually do send those thirsty-ass texts, thanks to a blogger named Victoria, who texted 17 (!) old flames she knew from her travels in Ireland. Read more on AskMen: “Woman Messages Her Old Flames On Valentine’s Day