Aw Shucks, Jeb Bush Drops Out Of Presidential Race

Poor ole Jeb!

The Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush formally put the kibosh on his campaign for the White House on Saturday night.

Jeb! spoke to a crowd of supporters in South Carolina: “Tonight I am suspending my campaign. The people of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina have spoken. I respect their decision.”

Bush’s campaign definitely struggled in early primary states, including South Carolina where you-know-who (freaking Trump) won last night.

I’m not going to feel too bad for the fella though, I think we all know that another Bush presidency is the last thing anyone needs or wants right now, save for the few supporters he had who were somehow clinging to a seriously delusional nostalgia. And look, MAYBE it wouldn’t be like his brother’s — but everyone is too burned to risk the chance.