This Idiot Comedian-Turned-Country Singer Tries To Offend But Is Just Stupid

Some dude named Wheeler Walker Jr. has decided to try his way with Country music by putting out an album called ‘Redneck Shit.’ Alright.

Esteemed titles from this musical triumph include: “Which One O’ You Queers Gonna Suck My Dick?” “Fuck You Bitch,” “Better Off Beatin’ Off,” and “Can’t Fuck You Off My Mind.” Ok. Great job! In regards to the first song I mentioned: Are you trying to be homophobic but failing while also being rapey and violent? If so, you succeeded while also making me roll my eyes because I’m not offended as much as I’m just bored. Try again.

I’m putting the video for “Which One O’ You Queers Gonna Suck My Dick?” in here instead of the header so that you can choose not to click on it, because, well. What even is this?

Walker happens to be the stand-up comic Ben Hoffman who was the former host of Comedy Central’s The Ben Show which no one on the planet has ever seen or heard of.

Rather than a “joke”, Wheeler née Hoffman insists that his new country album is not some big parody, according to an interview with Rolling Stone. The magazine called Hoffman’s record “country’s new filthiest album.” Alright.

It’s clear that Hoffman’s goal is to “piss off every group.” And ok fine, good job I guess? I remember that attitude from the boys I went to school with in the 7th grade. They were 11 and 12 years old and they were hell-bent on “pissing everyone off, man!” That’s about the age-bracket that decides to use this premise as a life-goal. What a noble and hilarious premise! What a truly original and stimulating idea! To recycle the same techniques used by 20 year-old open mic kids who decided to try comedy because they saw Louis C.K.’s 2005 special the other day for the first time and identified with his masturbation habits!

But wait! There is ONE LINE HOFFMAN WON’T CROSS YOU GUYS. He says that he nixed a song called “Shave Your Cunt” because it was misogynistic. WOW. YOU ARE A NOBLE AND HONORABLE MAN, SIR. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.

Excuse me while I nails emoji my way off of your internet presence and into the loving arms of premium cable.



P.S. I’m not offended. I’m just yawning.