First Penis Transplant In America Will Happen Soon!

Last year, doctors at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD announced that they would be doing the first penis transplant in the United States (the world’s first penis transplant happened in South Africa this past March).

Note that this is different than surgery for gender reassignment surgery for example, and that this surgery would involve using a deceased man’s penis for the transplant.

The patient of the first operation is a 23-year-old soldier who was wounded in an explosion in Afghanistan last year, and who lost most of his penis.

Doctors say they plan to perform up to 60 surgeries due to “genitourinary injuries” suffered by vets in combat.

The chairman of John Hopkins’s plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. W.P. Andrew Lee said: “I think one would agree it is as devastating as anything that our wounded warriors suffer, for a young man to come home in his early 20s with the pelvic area completely destroyed.”

This is extremely hopeful news for vets who have had to undergo such a life-changing and personal tragedy.

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