This Video Will Fulfill Your Lifelong Dream Of Being Surrounded By Simpsons

YouTube user John Hatfield has upped the ante on last year’s viral video of 500 Simpons episodes playing at once by extending the video from one to ten minutes and moving it to 360-degree format. The Verge is calling this the “Simpsons Torture Sphere,” but…eh?

It turns out that after the theme song ends, 500 television episodes playing at the same time sounds exactly the same way a city sounds: A roar of white noise, punctuated by the odd sound effect. Granted, I don’t have an Oculus Rift with which to view this in full-on VR. Perhaps one of you VR-equipped internet lovelies could give it a go and let me know if it’s as bad as they say to be stuck in a ball of Groening.

[The Verge]
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