This New Dating App Matches Partners Based On Body Odor

If you’ve ever wished you could skip all the swiping on dating apps and go straight to a big old whiff of your match’s pheromones, a new dating website appropriately called “Smell Dating” might be right up your alley. Cleverly deemed the first “Mail Odor Dating Site,” Smell Dating users pay a one-time $25 fee and are then entered into the wafting pool of potential mates.

Once they’ve signed up for the site, users receive a white t-shirt in the mail that they’re encouraged to wear for three days straight (with no aids of deodorant or perfume). After they’ve thoroughly spread their personal scent on the shirts, the shirts are returned in a prepaid envelope.

“We then receive all the T-shirts. We cut them up into pieces and what you get back is other people’s shirts. We send each participant a series of these pieces,” said co-creator Sam Lavigne. “You smell each one and you let us know which ones you like and then if someone else likes you too, we exchange contact information for you guys, with a phone number.”

No information is exchanged besides the t-shirts — no names, no gender, nothing. The idea is that our attractions and desires may fall out of the confines of orientation, and worst case scenario, you might match with a platonic friend whose scent you enjoy.

The site is currently composed of only 100 people and is limited to New York so users have a greater possibility of actually meeting (and smelling each other).

The creators of Smell Dating are approaching it with light-hearted humor, claiming it’s as much of an art piece as it is a dating site.

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