This Couple Turned A Taco Bell Into A Romantic Valentine’s Day Destination

While you were wining and dining yourself into being broke for the rest of the month, Sacramento couple Daniel and Cassie were busy crushing Valentine’s Day. After five-years together, they couldn’t figure out how to celebrate. Out of frustration, Cassie suggested they just go to Taco Bell. More shocking, he didn’t propose right then and there.

The two didn’t stop the awesome idea there. Staying true to the holiday, they got dressed up, brought in their own table settings and created their own fancy menus on Microsoft Office.


“Our favorite fancy name was ‘aged cheddar remoulade.’ I don’t think we can ever go back to calling it nacho cheese!” Daniel told BuzzFeed. The ambitious pair even toasted with Baja Blast in champagne flutes. Taco Bell employees were surprised at first, but then just happy to believe in love again. Yo quiero engagement ring?

If Valentine’s Day didn’t make you think of going south of the border before, it sure does now.

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