This Bittersweet Instagram Reveals Break Up Messages On Desserts

Experiencing the confusing roller coaster of love and heartbreak is one of the most bittersweet experiences there is. One minute you’re riding high on the rush of doe eyes and emotional intimacy and before you know it you’re crashing into a black hole of loneliness and regret. The clever new Instragram eatyrheartsout and its series of desserts bearing depressing and spot-on break up messages perfectly encapsulates the ways in which romance pairs the bitter with the sweet.

Some of the messages are extremely on-the-nose, precisely echoing conversations many of us have had with former partners. Will this spark a new terrifying break up trend, in which people physically bake their heartbreaking last words? Only time will tell. In the meantime, there is beautiful sadness to feast your eyes on.



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A photo posted by eat your heart out (@eatyrheartsout) on