Seth Meyers Brought His Goth Friend Melisandre To A Baby Shower And It’s Perfect

What happens when you remove a mythical Game of Thrones character from her normal context, and place her into  a baby shower for Seth Meyers and his wife Alexei Ashe? A veritably uncomfortable slew of references to shadow demons, Greyscale, and possibly-dead lovers named Jon Snow.

While baby showers tend to be the vanilla ice cream of milestone parties, Meyers’ “college friend” Melisandre brings the awkward to the party hardcore, gifting the expecting couple an ornate knife while making deeply morbid predictions of the physical downfall of their future child.

At one point Seth takes Melisandre into a back room in hopes of getting her to stop freaking everyone out, when she reveals her bosom and her desire for his “King’s Blood.” Basically, she’s not fucking here for the run-of-the-mill baby shower small talk, and that’s something we can all relate to.