Oregon Militant Lady Says The Government Owes Her $666,666,666,666.66 For “Works Of The Devil”

Shawna Cox, perhaps the best known female Oregon militant, is suing the government for damages, for what she claims were “works of the devil” against her and her fellow occupiers. Sure, why not!


In a truly bizarre and rambling counter-complaint against the federal government–which her lawyer was not involved with–Cox claims that they owe her $666 billion dollars for having worked with the devil to subvert their cause and force socialism onto them. Or something!

She’s also mad that they keep saying she’s a citizen of the “Corporate United States” when she is, in fact, a sovereign citizen (FYI, don’t get into that internet hole unless you have a ton of time and are cool with feeling incredibly confused), and that police attempted to murder her and “unlawfully executed” her fellow occupier LaVoy Finicum, despite the fact that footage of the shooting clearly shows Finicum going for his gun twice during the confrontation.

Here’s the whole thing–you’re welcome to try and figure what she’s on about yourself:

2-17-16 Ecf 162 – U.S.A. v A. Bundy et al – Shawna Cox’s Fantasy Sovcit Criminal Cross Complaint by Jack Ryan

For people who hate “socialism” so much, these people sure do love government handouts!