Just A Note To Tila Tequila And Anyone Else Who Desperately Wants To Use Racial Slurs

This week, flat-earther, anti-Semite and former professional MySpace person Tila Tequila went on yet another weird Twitter rant. This time about how terribly unfair it is that she can’t use the n-word.

You know, I wouldn’t even bother with this if it weren’t for the fact that this seems to be an unfortunately common way of thinking. Lots of people like to insist that minorities bring racism and discrimination upon themselves. Why? Because everyone likes to feel like they are a “good person” and you can’t be a “good person” if you’re racist, so it must be their fault for forcing you to be. Tila Tequila doesn’t want to insult black people by using a racial slur–Nicki Minaj is forcing her to do it. By taunting her.

For reasons I will never fully understand, there are swaths of people who, like Tila Tequila, are deeply, deeply upset about not being able to use the n-word, while black people are allowed to do so.

It’s a weird thing to want, honestly. It’s a very, very weird thing to want. What is it that they think being “allowed” to use this word will add to their life? Will it give them healthier, shinier hair? Will the grass seem greener and the sky bluer? I can’t see how it would.

In what other life situations would you insist that you should be allowed to insult people and simultaneously insist that they not be insulted and continue to think you are a great person?

In what other life situations would you not be able to comprehend the fact that there are certain things people can say about themselves that are not appropriate or kind for you to say about them?

As I’ve said before, people who aren’t black can, in fact, use the n-word. They absolutely can! However, other people are then free to think they are an asshole and a racist. Other people are free to not want to be around them, or respect them, or like them in any way. I find it ironic that people who are so deeply upset about having their language “policed” want so much to police people’s reactions to and feelings about their words.

When people complain about “not being allowed” to use racial slurs, what they are really saying is that they would like to use racial slurs without anyone thinking they are a racist and a jerk. Except the thing is–we don’t have that “freedom” with anything we say. You can think I’m a jerk for writing this, and I can’t actually tell you that you’re not allowed to feel that way. See how that works?