Watch Adele Hilariously Prank A Jamba Juice

Besides being widely beloved for her singing abilities, Adele is also a good-humored prankster. She’s previously shown her cards when she dressed up as an Adele impersonator, and has now upped the ante during her recent appearance on Ellen, where she thoroughly confused Jamba Juice employees.

Taking Ellen’s cue through a small earbud, Adele did a top-notch job at keeping in character as she terrified Jamba Juice employees by asking for a large smoothie in a small cup, cutting chunks of wheat grass with her own scissors and taking Amaretto shots at the counter with her assistant. There’s even a point where she dumps her bag on the counter, revealing knives and Twizzlers that Ellen planted in the purse.

It’s truly refreshing when pure silliness can be pulled off with this amount of commitment.