Want To Know Who Unfriended You On Facebook? There’s An App For That

If you’ve been dying to keep tabs on who’s unfriending you on Facebook, you’re in luck – a new app called Who Deleted Me will tell you how many and which friends are missing or deactivated since your last Facebook login.

Of course, this raises two questions: Do people really want to know who unfriended them? and, Is it really good to know who unfriended you?

I’m not on Facebook anymore (praise be), but when I was, I took the tack of believing that unfriending is one of the mysteries of the universe that I couldn’t possibly try to solve. Who knows why someone might unfriend me? That stemmed from seeing people get furious when I unfriended them, sending me multiple-paragraph messages saying that I was an incredibly rude person, not considering the fact that the last message we’d exchanged dated back a year or more, which possibly had to do with the reason I was unfriending them.

And isn’t an app like this just going to add to the anxiety about unfriending? Wouldn’t you rather not know when someone isn’t interested in your witticisms and anecdotes, or at least not right away? Doesn’t this amount to feedback on how to make your status updates more palatable for a larger amount of people? This could all just be me, of course.

If you want Who Deleted Me, it’s available on the App Store — let me know how it goes.

[h/t Marie Claire]
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