This Petition Wants Deadpool To Host SNL Instead Of Ryan Reynolds

In true superhero fashion, Deadpool has broken nearly every box office record imaginable and hasn’t stopped there. Now our favorite vigilante burn victim might be headed to the big city to host Saturday Night Live — as long as Lorne Michaels takes internet signatures seriously.

Thanks to Illinois resident Andrew Stege and his petition on over 26,000 people have called for Deadpool to host instead of Reynolds himself. Given the overwhelming popularity of the newest Marvel character, the move would definitely bring in viewers like Stege, who haven’t watched the show in years.

If you’ve seen the movie and are into the idea, sign away. If you haven’t seen it yet, well, you might be last person left. So just say the magic words Fat Gandalf and let’s make this happen.

And yes, this the only time I will ever have cause to call Lorne Michaels that.