This New Zealand Brothel Is Raising Money For A Children’s Charity

In attempt to legitimize themselves as a business in their community, Shh … Adult Fun Spot, a legal brothel in Hawera New Zealand, is inviting interested parties for a tour, Q&A session, and refreshments, in exchange for a gold coin donation. The money will benefit Kai Kitchen, a local charity that makes lunches for children in need.

Nicky Hughes, the owner of the brother and a committee member for Kai Kitchen, is showing that they can serve hungry children and thirsty adults. The event itself is a positive response to the negativity directed towards sex work, which has been legal in NZ since 2003.

“I find it extremely frustrating to not be treated like a real business, when we pay our taxes and we work as hard as anyone else,” she told The Guardian. While some people aren’t pleased with the idea of a children’s charity associating with a brothel, they’re missing her point completely: “Those kids shouldn’t miss out because some adults have issues with us.”

Only the money will be made in the brothel, not the lunches. So let’s all calm down and congratulate Hughes for finally figuring out how to convert horniness into helpfulness.

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