This Man Planted His Blind Wife A Garden So She Could Smell The Flowers

After 30 years of dairy farming, Toshiyuko Kurogi quit his routine in order to start planting a gorgeously scented and all-consuming garden in order to cheer up his wife Yasuko Kuroki, who went blind after diabetic complications. The couple had brought up three kids and farmed together for decades when Kuroki’s health problems materialized, and her husband noticed it marked an immediate change in her demeanor and motivation to interact with the world.

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So he immediately got to work on a garden with the smart intention that if he built something beautiful and large enough, it would draw visitors for his wife to engage with, also fill their land with delicious smells. For the last 20 years he’s remained committed to this venture, growing the garden to impressive scale with it’s magenta filled oeuvre now open to the larger public.

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His sweet efforts have succeeded both in drawing a large variety of enthusiastic visitors, and adding vigor back into his wife’s spirit. What a rare example of love in action!