Christian Radio Host Arrested After Slapping A Woman’s Rear End In A Target Bathroom

Meet Mark Howington!

Mark Howington
CREDIT: ProclaimFM via Wayback Machine

Mark is–or was, rather–a Morning Show host on Toledo’s Proclaim FM radio, a Christian radio station in Toledo, Ohio. Here is his very wholesome bio, describing his love of Gospel music and bird-watching:

Mark walked into the Proclaim FM studio one day to install a computer system and returned several weeks later as the Morning Show co‐host! Thirty years ago he began his radio career by spinning records and editing audio using razor blades and adhesive tape. Now he spends his time cracking jokes with Andrea and improving the music mix. Radio holds a special place in Mark’s heart, as it helped him hear the Gospel for the first time in college. When he’s not at the station, you can find Mark bird‐watching, napping, or sailing the Great Lakes. He is married to his wonderful wife (Marilyn) and has two sons (Ben and Tim).

Mark has recently been arrested on charges of “assault, obstructing official business and carrying concealed weapons” after having allegedly followed a woman into a bathroom at Target and slapping her “extremely hard” on the rear end.

The victim, Debra Piechowski, told 13ABC Action News that after Howington assaulted her, he “never said a word. He hit me real hard and kept walking real fast.”

When officers arrived on the scene, they found “the sharp edge of a screwdriver inside Howington’s pocket along with what appeared to be a small container of Vaseline in his right sock.” What he was planning on doing with those materials, we can only guess–but we can be reasonably sure that they had little to do with bird-watching or sailing the Great Lakes.

After learning about the arrest, the board of Proclaim FM voted to put Howington on suspension until they receive more information. His bio and that darling picture have since been removed from the masthead on their website. Also, they are asking for “prayers for the victim, Mark Howington and their families.”

I feel as though I would be somewhat remiss if I did not point out that all this happened while there is, somehow, a “national debate” on whether or not trans people should be allowed to use public restrooms–with those opposing that insisting that allowing them to do so would somehow result in assaults on cisgender women using the bathroom. Given that there has yet to ever be a single instance of this happening, ever, perhaps these people ought instead turn their attention to the very clear and present danger of cisgender male Christian radio hosts entering women’s bathrooms and assaulting them. Just something to think about.