America’s Gay Immigration Bans: A Brief History

Thank goodness for polling. Otherwise, how would we know that one-third of Trump supporters want to ban gays from entering the U.S.?

CREDIT: h/t Queerty

I guess we know now why Trump flip-flopped on gay marriage, eh? I was baffled by this info from Public Policy Polling at first, because it’s not like any of the candidates themselves have actually proposed banning gays from immigrating. Then I looked into it, and it turns out that our horrific immigration laws actually did ban gays from entering the U.S. from 1917 to 1990 on the grounds of homosexuality being an indication of “moral turpitude” or a “psychopathic personality” or “sexual deviance.” This was according to Congress and the Supreme Court, by the way. Look into the Immigration Act of 1917 to find out more: Section C also banned “idiots,” alcoholics, “illiterates,” epileptics, “paupers,” anyone with a contagious disease, and, oh yeah, the whole thing was designed first and foremost to exclude Asians from immigrating to the U.S.

And, really, it shouldn’t come as any surprise: It was only in 2009 that President Obama lifted the ban on HIV-positive immigrants, and it was only in 2003 that sodomy laws were repealed on the federal level, meaning that until I personally was sixteen years old, homosexual sodomy (although not heterosexual sodomy) was grounds for a warrant on which the police could enter someone’s home and arrest them. In case you’re wondering, “How on Earth would you even be able to tell that someone is gay and ban them from entering the country or deport them?” — that’s at least one of the ways.

The only person I could find who’s actively advocating a ban on gays is beloved fanatic Pat Robertson, but whether or not they’re actively advocating for it, plenty of people obviously agree. Twenty percent of the Republican base, in fact, with another 17 percent being “not sure.” (In South Carolina, at least, and as much as that indicates for the larger Republican base.) The point is, although the question of whether or not we should ban gays from entering America seems sort of out-of-the-blue, it apparently is, in fact, a relevant question, and that’s a little scary — no?


[h/t Queerty]
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