What If “Donald Trump” Replaced Michelle In The Full House Reunion?!

Of all the Full House characters, Michelle was always the most mysterious. She was played by not one, but TWO people, she communicated mostly in childish hair flips or blinking stares, and hell, she was even a baby most of the time! Did we ever really know Michelle and what she stood for? Is it now too late — since the Olsen Twins are the only ones not joining the rest of the cast for the Netflix series Fuller House?

I imagine these were some of the questions racing through Jimmy Fallon’s mind the other night when he welcomed the Fuller House cast on the Tonight Show. A man of many identities, Fallon saw the gaping emotional hole left by the Olsens’ absence, donned his Donald Trump outfit and imagined what it would be like if Michelle Tanner was actually Donald Trump.

Take a look for yourself, and you can finally experience what Michelle is really about.

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