Watch Idris Elba Kick the World Apart In This Trailer for “Bastille Day”

Don’t make any plans on April 22—you’re going to be yelling at a movie screen, Magic Mike XXL-style, when you take all of your friends to see Bastille Day. It’s basically Idris Elba kicking, punching, ‘sploding, and yelling his way through Paris, so don’t tell me you’re not up for it!

The premise is simple: A pickpocket accidentally steals a bag with a bomb in it, then has to pair up with Elba and use his pickpocket-y skills to catch the real bomber.

The only part of the trailer that rubbed me the wrong way was this line: “You were coming after me; have you seen yourself?”


I’m going to ignore the racist implications here and just go straight to the fact that no one runs away from Idris Elba.