Pam Anderson Gets Brainwashed By A Wellness Cult In Connected

Wellness culture is definitely a sort of horror show to me. Between deprivation from perfectly normal food (like, you know, meat), hivemind-ish workouts (I’m looking at you, SoulCycle), and an implicit mistrust of Western medicine, it is my actual nightmare. To each their own, of course: If you want to drink green juice all the livelong day and do yoga every three hours, you’re entitled to live that way. I will personally be right here with my turkey bacon, and my hunch is that we’ll both die at about the same time.

But it’s good to know that I’m not alone in my horror: Director Luke Gilford has skewered the extreme ends of “wellness” in his new short film Connected, starring Pam Anderson as Jackie, a lonely spinning instructor who wants to feel more, well, connected — so she joins a wellness cult and gets wifi shot into her brain so that Jane Fonda (no, really, she does a voiceover cameo) can tell her how “limitless” she is all the time. [As a public service announcement, I need to remind everyone that there is no such thing as organic water. Water and salt are inherently organic.]

Plenty of Amanda Chantal Bacon jokes have been made about this already, so maybe I’ll just hold my peace on that.


[h/t The Cut]


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