My Ears Are Still Bleeding From This New ‘Bernie Bae’ Video

One of my least favorite things about this election cycle, and the nature of election cycles in general — is the extreme dumbing down of political candidates so that we’ll like them.

However, being served up a political candidate as a potential dad, or a crush, or a culturally relevant “buddy” rather than an actual politician grates my nerves. As much as I support and appreciate Sanders,  his supporters take the cake when it comes to deifying him as some sort of “down with it” pop icon, and not just a savvy politician. The creation of the above ear-shattering “Bernie Bae” video feels like the hellish climax of that epidemic.

The singer and producer of this video, Leah Kauffman is previously known for My Box In A Box,the popular response to SNL’s “Dick In A Box,” as well as a similarly toned political video “I’ve Got A Crush On Obama.

But now, she will likely live on in my heart forever as the woman who managed to simultaneously exceed the painful limits of two of my pet peeves at once. It’s as if the plastic bag from a Katy Perry song attempted to karaoke dubstep, then incorporated cutesy dancers into a video about crushing on a 70-something married Jewish man who’s just trying to be president. Really, he doesn’t need millennials to playfully project Dean Strang-like daddy fantasies onto him, or make him into an equally devoted Built To Spill fan, or any of the cutesy bullshit that distracts us from actually doing our research.

I am so tired and this playful video hit a nerve. So here, intake the cutesy bullshit and form your own unique opinion.

(Refinery 29)