Here, Have A Really Bad Macklemore Song About Spooning

Macklemore just released a song about spooning. I’m not kidding. It’s as terrible as it sounds. It features Ryan Bedard, who sounds like he would really like to be John Darnielle but fell so short that I had to Google “Who is Ryan Bedard?” and it came up with no relevant results. Try and listen:

I don’t want to be a jaded asshole, but this song features a narrative arc that involves Macklemore getting mad at a hypothetical girlfriend/spouse/partner/whatever for watching ahead on Game of Thrones and then cooling down when she gives him a handy. This isn’t music; this is a terrible, terrible undergraduate fiction-writing workshop. Macklemore has no empathy for his listeners.

I mean, come on, Mack, The Life of Pablo just dropped over the weekend and you drop… this?

I’m gonna go wash my ears out with fire or something.


[h/t Cosmo]
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