Classy Oregon Militants Left “Trench Of Human Feces” On Native American Cultural Site

Though the militants occupying the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon have all left or surrendered by now, they did not do so without leaving just a bit of themselves behind–in the form of a large “trench of human feces” and an excavated road on or next to a sensitive cultural site filled with Native American artifacts.


These lovely gifts were found on Saturday by evidence teams working to process the crime scene and to help the Burns Paiute Tribe identify damage to their sacred artifacts and burial grounds.

U.S. Attorney Billy Williams of Oregon submitted a document detailing the findings in federal court on Tuesday, in response to a request from occupiers to allow their lawyers to examine the site as well. The filing also noted that firearms and explosives were found onsite, and that it was feared that the occupiers could have left booby-traps on the ground as well.

The occupation began on January 2nd, in response to Dwight and Steven Hammond returning to prison for having committed arson on federal land. The occupiers believed that the Hammonds should be able to set fire to said federal land, because the federal government shouldn’t own land, and should instead give it to ranchers like them for grazing purposes.

Clearly, judging by the large pile of shit they left on the refuge, they also believe that their right to graze their cattle for free and take a dump anywhere they please trumps the rights of Native American tribes to protect their sacred land and artifacts.