Carly Fiorina Autographed A Copy Of Karl Marx’s Das Kapital, And You Can Buy It On Ebay

A rather unique book is up for sale on Ebay right now–a copy of Karl Marx’s classic socialist tome, Das Kapital, signed by former GOP hopeful Carly Fiorina.

The seller of the book is one Peter Hogness, a New York labor activist who actually went to high school with Fiorina back in Palo Alto, California. Hogness told In These Times that he got Fiorina to sign the book back in 2007 when she was doing a signing for her memoir, Tough Choices. Hogness asked that she sign that instead of said memoir, and she agreed–saying “Oh, I’ve read this!” Which doesn’t surprise me, given that Carly Fiorina seems like exactly the kind of person who would pretend to have read a book she hasn’t actually read.

Hogness told In These Times that he thinks the book was an appropriate choice for Fiorina to sign:

“The book describes capitalism’s relentless drive to reduce labor costs regardless of the human cost, and how over time this helps create a ‘reserve army’ of the unemployed,” Hogness explained. “Before Fiorina became its CEO, Hewlett-Packard was known for its reluctance to lay off employees. But she laid off tens of thousands without hesitation, and in that sense made HP a more thoroughly capitalist enterprise.”

The inflated price [as a result of the bidding–ed.] perfectly illustrates Marx’s distinction between use-value and exchange value, Hogness explained.

“By signing this copy of Capital Volume I, Carly Fiorina has increased its exchange-value,” Hogness said. “And I can’t think of a better use for that exchange-value than to help to elect Bernie Sanders as our next president.”

So far, bidding is up to $700–with 38 bids so far–and all proceeds will go towards Socialists for Bernie Sanders, a group unaffiliated with the Bernie Sanders campaign that is working to get him elected president. Should you want to get in on the bidding war, you’ve got four days left to win it!

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